Inspiration. Starting at an early age, and ever since, my appreciation for music and the industry was apparent to all that knew/know me. But it was Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt that brought my level of dedication to music to the next level. Gwen Stefani's inspiring stage presence and the band's clever lyrical content hooked me. And it wasn't long before others caught on, as well. As I watched the punk/pop rockers rise to overwhelming fame, I knew somehow, someday I had to be involved. And now, thousands of inspiring artists later, I bring you Tragic Kingdom a place where artists, new and old, come to inspire others. In a world full of artists, I hope to introduce you to your Tragic Kingdom.
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The time has come. After months of planning and fundraising, Troy Akers is leaving for India tomorrow. Before he heads out his friends, bandmates, colleagues, and family wanted to wish him well. 

Good luck, buddy - we’ll miss you and be anxiously awaiting your return! We cannot wait to hear about all the awesome work you do with the Dalit and the Dalit Freedom Network. You’re a light for them, and for us back home.

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